So I was shoving this guy around at about 2:00 am this morning. He said "Hey buddy, your zipper is down." So I said, "The heck it is!" Then he said, "'Heck'?" I asked him if he wanted a piece of me. He said, "Thanks anyway." Then I pushed at his chest, then he pushed at mine, and I got to thinking... what are some good swear words I can use without anybody actually knowing that I'm swearing at them?

Fatherless child
Female dog
Son of a female dog
Eternally cursed by God son of a female dog
Male bovine feces

For example:

"You make me so mad, you eternally cursed by God fatherless son of a female dog."
"That's a load of male bovine feces."

Bonus Thought!
Why don't I put ketchup on my mashed potato, and butter, sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese and bacon bits on my french fries?


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