1 September 1999
I'm using this page for at least another month because I hardly used it in August. I never could match that bit on my gainer...

MiniBondo 2.0 is coming! Look for him or her in May 2000! We are so excited!

I lost the little thing I wrote on my receipts. Oh well. You'll all just have to remember that when Bondo Trivial Pursuit comes out.

This should be your next upgrade. Get it from Canopus.

29 August 1999
You have got to see The Sixth Sense. Excellent movie. But I think it could have a better title, like The Ninth Sense, or The Freak and the Dead People, or Bruce Gets to Act. Why nine senses? Think about it. Sense of direction, sense of balance, and common sense.

New stuff at naked Sally.

5 August 1999
Last Saturday I attempted my first "Gainer" at my uncle-in-law's house. Four times. The first time I completed what I can only disaffectionately call a "Painer". See figure below:

You laugh only because it's funny when other people suffer.

Thanks to Joel Lueck for the correct demonstration of the "Gainer". Notice also the 180 twist about the vertical axis. Well done.

I would also like to mention that of all the people who cannot manage a "Gainer" in this family, my brother and I were the only ones to attempt. Stacey did some weak, weird looking, leaning backward, "I'm not really trying to do a Gainer because it would be too painful" dive, and Stein categorically refused to try. Nick, my brother, almost got all the way around (he did much better than I).

I think I went wrong somewhere when my back was facing the water.


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