I've had this flesh hanging from my upper lip for quite some time. I thought it was just because my lips were chapped, and that it would sooner or later fall off. No such luck. It has nerve endings. It's alive and not dead. Well, I finally looked at it in the mirror the other day and it looked like some kind of whitehead. Well I tried to cut it off with my fingernails. Not sharp enough. I showed it to my wife, and she screamed "AAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!". After she stretched out my upper lip and slapped it a number of times, she grabbed our daughter and ran screaming out the front door. I was too scared to chop it off with fingernail clippers, so I stuck it between my teeth and, with much trepidation and a tear welling up in my left eye, bit it off. The moral of the story is...

It's good not to have extra flesh hanging from your lip.


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