5 August 2000
Check out the latest pic:

27 July 2000
Overheard at a bar in Colorado Springs, concerning the "F" word:

It's a noun, it's a verb. It's everything you want it to be.

F*ck as a belief system. Let's think about that.

In other news, Mr. Gonzaga has a job! I'll be the 6th grade computer skills teacher at Walter Stiern Middle School next year. WOOHOO! I'll even be able to set up my own curriculum! Sweet!

I'm glad I'm a teacher. I think it's perhaps the coolest job you could have, aside from being a rock star or movie star. I mean, who ever says, "When I was twelve, my family had this awesome plumber that I will never forget," or "The best computer technician I've ever known was John Smith"? But I remember tons of old teachers, like Mr. Fickes, Ms. Muzinich, Dr. Haddad, Dr. Gove, Mr. Bernal, Mr. Waite, Mr. Clark, Mr. Collett, and so on and so on.

19 July 2000

Gainer 2000

If you recall, a gainer is a flip off the end of a diving board wherein the person attempts to send the legs forward, over the top and back around, and land on his feet. My daughter Liesl was encouraging me on both attempts.

First Attempt
Second Attempt
I didn't manage to quite get my legs over the top and back around. Liesl asks, "Are you OK, Papa?"
Joel Lueck, who was also taking photographs, coached me to hold my legs and lean back. "I guarantee you'll nail it," he said. My back nailed the water, but I did not nail the dive.


Here is the latest picture of all of us:

8 June 2000
So much to say here. I have enjoyed this year at East immensely. It sure does beat computer consulting and that kind of crap.

I've written the first chapter of a serial short story currently untitled. You can read it here. Tell me what you think.

5 June 2000
Oh my Gosh! It has been so long.
Since me and Jayme had some time alone, since I last typed with two hands (not holding a baby with the other), and since I last updated this page.

I've got Xander Jay right now, typing with one hand. But now he's content to lay on my lap while I type with two. This is much easier, believe me. There he goes... I'm getting pretty good at this one-handed stuff.

Here's a pic:

He's a good guy. We all like him.

Fatherhood is great. I sure have a lot to keep learning though.


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