20 Aug 04
[to the tune of some generic bad rap beat]

My baby is One
and he is cool
he sucks on things
and deposits lots of drool

Keaton likes cereal
but not mushed-rooms
give him a rattle
and he'll throw it across the room

yay baby
go keaton
yay baby
it's your birthday

15 Jan 04
Quake stuff here

14 Oct 03
I'm having a heck of a time thinking of a word that rhymes with Keaton. I have Liesl the Diesl and Xander the Demander, but the best I can think of for Keaton is Keaton Gets a Beatin'. Please help.

26 August 2003
Look what they're teaching Xander at school:

I put up these links for my own sake, but you can check them out.

29 August 2003
I had a kid. We had a kid. My wife and I. Keaton Beckett Gonzaga

Damn, he's good looking.

What the heck?

More pictures later. I decided that I had better update my site. Now was a good time to do it. What has happened in the two years since I last updated? Liesl's now almost six, Xander's more than a handful, and Keaton is getting along fine with his older brother:

Isn't it great when the kids get along?

Jayme's doing great taking care of everything at home, in spite of back problems. We have three kids! SHEESH!

Liesl's in 1st grade and she has a new teacher. Let's just say change is always difficult. She had a recital this spring with her ballet classes!

She is too pretty.

Yesterday we got in a car accident. How's that? We got hit by a 65 Chevy on 24th street.

In other news, I taught 7th/8th in 2002 and 8th in 2003, and now I'm doing 6th. Here's some pictures. Those kids were a lot of fun.

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