3 January 2000
How about that!? We survived the twentieth century (yes I and the rest of the world are ignoring the purists who say it still is the twentieth century)! Jesus didn't come back. Chaos, pandemonium, and destruction didn't befall the world. I still have to deal with the same stuff I had to deal with back in the twentieth century.

Deep thought for the new millennium:
It's a good thing us humans like to eat food, because otherwise we'd all die. Then the cockroaches would survive and feed on our rotting carcasses because they like to eat food, for sure.

17 December 1999
It's a boy! As near as we can tell at this point, that is.

10 December 1999
Gosh dang it's been a long time since I touched this site! GOSH DANG! I think I've almost forgotten how to code in html./>

Anyway, to recap the last three months: I've been to space, saved the world from Annihilation by sacrificing my life for the good of all humanity while Sling Blade looked on from earth below... Oh wait, that was Bruce Willis in a movie I saw again tonight.

To recap:

  • I've been fired from Quantum Shafted Systems.
  • I've been hired by East High as a long-term substitute in math.
  • We've moved into a sweet little house on the east side of Bakersfield.
  • Liesl's turned two
  • nVidia has released a new video card, the GeForce, while 3dfx looks on and continues to suck.
  • Bondo's got a Zip 250 drive and an HP 8200i CD-RW!

Next week we should find out what the baby is: boy or girl. I predict it's either one or the other. But my stomach, I mean my gut says it's a boy.



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