y Bondo's SuperDuper Homepage - July 1999

28 July 1999
I am so depressed by what happened to JFK Jr. and his wife. I hear that people are exploiting his death by selling memorabilia like crazy on eBay. Read more on this at Naked Sally.

In other news, our friend John Alonge is a missionary in Mexico. He is working at this orphanage. If you like, send him a letter at ranchojuan@netscape.net. He is the author of a piece on capital punishment at Naked Sally

23 July 1999
I've looked at my stats again this morning (the button on the bottom left hand corner of this page), and I've noticed there are all sorts of visitors to this page, from all over the world. Just one of each kind. But hey, that's cool. I am just curious who's reading this garbage.

Other than that, I have no original thought today.

Time to go to work.

22 July 1999
Chips Ahoy says they have 1,000 chips in every bag. Do they mean "exactly 1,000 chips in every bag"? Is someone a chip counter? I would hate that job. Unless they gave me lots of milk. Milk is so I can eat the cookies while I count. And drink the milk. Get it? Do they mean "approximately"? I'm sure they must mean approximately. What is "approximately"? 900? 900 is not a thousand. 995? There had just better be more than 950 chips in every bag. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

I was thinking this morning, which I often do. What if my Mom had married someone else? Who would I be? Alejandro Smith? Or my Dad had married some other lady? Would I be Joe Gonzaga? Or Bob Jr.? Would I even be? Would I even be related to them at all? Where would my consciousness go? Maybe I would have been born fifty years ago and my name would be Billy Guthrie and I would live in the backwaters of Louisiana and raise tadpoles and frogs and eat and sell them and whatnot. When I say "I", who would I be talking about?

In other news, these shoes are so dam big! I mean as big as a dam, like a person as big as a horse is horse big. Or a person as ugly as a butt is butt ugly.

21 July 1999
I got some huge shoes last night. I've had the same pair of work shoes (also my dress shoes, my church shoes, my fancy shoes) for four years. Now I have these shoes with a huge heel! Gosh!

I also got my 128 MB RAM yesterday. LOVE IT. SDQ 2.15 is out. Quite possibly the final version.

19 July 1999
I just picked up a Wonka bar last night! I've got a Golden Ticket! A Golden "Sorry you did not win" Ticket. Awesome.

My old Toshiba cd-rom drive is shot, so I am soliciting donations for a Pioneer DVD-103s kit from Hi-Val. I can get the drive through Pricewatch for $95, and the decoder card for $56. That's much better than the kit for $250.

Also, version 2.11 of SuperDuper Quake is out. It's cool. I'm going to work on adding Howard Roy's radar mod to it. Stay tuned.

14 July 1999
I saw Austin Powers last night. Vaguely funny. The first movie was funnier, but Jim Carrey is still the funniest. I loved Cable Guy! The only movies of his I didn't like were the Pet Detective movies.

I still think seeing Episode I three times was one time too many.

I think I'm gonna puke. Seriously, I feel so sick this morning.

12 July 1999
Some new stuff (finally) on Naked Sally.

I am looking for a job. So if anyone out there has a spare, I'd love to take it, or trade, steal, pimp myself out, whatever. No acting and no preaching jobs!


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