14 May 2001
I just found out I can put 50 MB of more CRAP on my site! COOL! I can also add cool stuff like guestbooks and other junk. So sign the guestbook NOW! (Bottom left hand corner of page)

21 April 2001
I hope everybody had a great easter.

Behold, the perfect meal: salami sandwich with chips, soda, and chocolate pudding.

(It's not exactly perfect. If you look closer, you'd see it's not San Luis Sourdough, but Oroweat Buttermilk bread, which isn't that great for salami sandwiches, but it is acceptable.)

14 April 2001
Latest picture:

13 April 2001
I just joined this cool thing called a BLOG. It lets me enter this kind of semi-daily journal info much more easier, easilier, more easily. Too bad it can't help me with my grammar like Microsoft Word.

This chick called Bianca Broussard looked at my site and then invited me to join Xanga, and I did, because I thought it was a great idea. I even started I love it! But then I find out this chick is FICTIONAL. That fictitious bitch! Pardon me, but I am mad. And how can cursing be wrong if it's directed at someone that doesn't exist?

Anyway, I will be putting pics on this page, because FREAKING XANGA won't let me put pictures up yet. But as for daily funny and humorous and redundant thoughts and even naked sally stuff, it will be at, because it's just so easy.

11 April 2001
Just call me

29 March 2001
Now that Xander and Liesl have graduated from college, I think I might have time to update this website.

I got a job at Stiern Middle School teaching computers somewhere between the time I last updated this site and now. Christmas came and went, Xander is ten months old and crawling up the stairs in our house, we bought a new house, I'll be teaching summer school, Jayme had surgery for her herniated disk, and now is feeling better...

Xander can read!

I have a lot to add to Naked Sally, so stay tuned.


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