Gonzaga Family Christmas Card 2002

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Greetings and Happy Holidays!

The Gonzagas are celebrating another joyous year in 2002!

After graduating preschool in May Liesl began kindergarten at Eissler Elementary. She is learning to read and write and add and subtract, and all very well, thank you. On top of that she enjoys ballet classes every Monday and Thursday. “Plié”s and “Soté”s have become commonplace here at 5308 Eastridge Court.

Upon entering the Two’s, Xander really began to talk, and talk he does.
Xander: “Where us going?”
Hondo: “Target”
Xander: “What kind of Target?”
Hondo: “The kind around the corner.”
Xander: “I can’t see it … Go fast!”
Other snippets include “I’m practicing karate!”, “I got a knock-knock joke for you”, and “Hi!” to everyone he passes by.

Jayme keeps extremely busy taking care of the kids and the house, and has begun helping out now and then with Liesl’s kindergarten class as well. Jayme is also a great help to her grandparents Bernard and Virginia who recently moved into a new retirement community.

When he’s not pining for an Xbox, Hondo continues to teach math and advise the yearbook staff at Walter Stiern Middle School. Is there anything better than being a teacher? Yeah, being a father and a husband. How lucky can a guy be to be able to do all three?

God bless and Merry Christmas!

The Gonzagas